Who are we?

<h3>Presentation</h3> <p>The nicebooks.com website is edited by the <em>Bid Marketing</em> company.<br /> NiceBooks allows you to compare for free <strong>new and used books</strong> prices, among dozens of merchants in your country and worldwide.</p> <h3>Our office</h3> <p>Our office is established in France, at the address:</p> <address><strong>Bid Marketing</strong><br /> 27, rue de Châtillon<br /> Immeuble Le Master's<br /> Espace Valentin<br /> 25048 Besançon Cedex</address> <br class="clear" /> <h3>Contact us</h3> <p>We are at your full disposal for any suggestion about our service.<br /> Don't hesitate to contact us, by <a href="mailto:info@nicebooks.com">email</a> or postal mail.</p> <p>If you placed an order at a partner website, we cannot give you any information about your order.<br /> Please contact directly the concerned <a href="/bookstores">shop</a> in this case!</p>